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University of Hartford's Ms. DeLois Lindsey is the first of America East's nine features honoring Black History Month..
Courtesy: America East Communications

DeLois Lindsey from the University of Hartford is featured for Black History Month

Release: 02/02/2012
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In an effort to honor the African-American faculty and administrators from each of the nine schools affiliated with the America East, the conference is putting together a nine-part video series featuring one prominent African-American from each school. These features will highlight the connection each of these individuals have on campus as well as in the surrounding communities.

Working at one institution for 27 years people would ask, “What has kept you here for all those years?” This is the case for Ms. DeLois Lindsey, the Vice President for Student Development at the University of Hartford. She has been at the helm for student development ever since and has improved the cultural diversity on campus through various programs and organizations. There is only one answer to why she has been at the University of Hartford for 27 years and as she said, “the students keep me here.”

Community service is a very important piece to her office, student organizations, and the university community. There are several programs that have been running for 16 years and as years pass, more traditions arise and create a sense a unity amongst the university and surrounding communities. DeLois Lindsey participates in a range of projects including black history month presentations in neighboring schools, served as the Executive Secretary for the West Indian Foundation, served on the NCAA Re-accreditation and Steering Committees, and a plethora of other projects in the community. 

As an individual who has put the community first and made an impact through her work, DeLois Lindsey is an ideal representative for the University of Hartford during Black History Month.  

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