America East Conference

451 D Street, Suite 702
Boston, Mass. 02127
Fax: 617-695-6380



  Amy Huchthausen Commissioner huchthausen x 118
  Shonna Brown Senior Associate Commissioner/SWA
Internal Operations, Finances, Women’s Basketball (Regular Season, Championship), Professional Development & Leadership
brown x 111  
  Matt Bourque Senior Associate Commissioner for External Relations
Television, Branding, Revenue (Sponsorships, Merchandise), Men’s & Women’s Basketball Scheduling, Men’s Basketball (Playoffs)
bourque x 114  
  Frank Sullivan Associate Commissioner for Men's Basketball/Officiating
Basketball (Regular Season), Officials Liaison (Other Sports)
sullivan x 119
  Mary Mulvenna Assistant Commissioner for Compliance
NCAA Governance & Compliance, Student-Athlete Engagement, SAAC
mulvenna x 112  
  Chad Dwyer Assistant Commissioner for Championships
Championships, Sport Administration
dwyer x 116  
  Sean Tainsh Director of Communications
Communications, Media Relations, Website, Media Liaison: Men’s Basketball, Men’s Soccer, Field Hockey, Men’s Lacrosse, Softball
tainsh x 121  
  Jared Hager Director of Strategic Media
Social Media, Media Liaison: Women’s Basketball, Women’s Soccer, Volleyball, Women’s Lacrosse, Baseball
hager x 120
  Erin Iwaskiewicz Director of Video & Creative Services
Video Production, AmericaEast.TV, Graphic Design
iwaskiewicz x 113
  Kelly Powers Assistant Director for Administration
Conference Operations, Championships
powers x 110  
  Juliette Kenny Executive Director, Academic Consortium
kenny TBA  
  Jonathan Stanko Communications Fellow
Communications, Media Relations, Media Liaison: Cross Country, Indoor & Outdoor Track & Field, Women’s Swimming, Women’s Tennis
stanko x 123