Check out the favorite tracks from the Binghamton volleyball team!
Check out the favorite tracks from the Binghamton volleyball team!
Courtesy: America East Communications

#TuesdayTunes - Binghamton Volleyball

Release: 09/11/2013

In our third installment of #AETuesdayTunes, we look at the favorite songs for the 2012 America East volleyball champion Binghamton Bearcats. Some of the songs weren't available on Spotify unfortunatley, but luckily we have a couple YouTube links for your listening pleasure. Check out the tracks and why the teams likes them!

Toungtied (Gigamesh remix)  - Grouplove

This has been a Binghamton volleyball jam for over a year now. It's so fun and upbeat, there's no way to not sing along! Everyone yells "Don't leave me toungetied!!!" The team is notorious for dancing around the locker room to this one.

Best Song ever- One Direction

We're all just 13 year old at heart when this song comes on. Who doesn't love a good sing-a-long by a boy band? Brings us back to the days of NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, plus it gets the team pumped!

Terio Ooh Kill'em - Caked Up Remix

The Bearcats love the 6 second video app Vine and this song comes straight from their favorite "Vine famous" kid, Terio. Caked Up puts a dub electro remix on his famous words, "Ooh kill em".... The drop in this one is fierce.

Beat It - Sean Kingston, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa

This has been one of the team's favorites since the summertime. It's laid back and fun, but has a great beat and it's easy to sing to.

Boy Oh Boy (eSenTRIK remix) - Diplo x GTA

Binghamton is all about the remixes . This remix by eSenTRIK takes an already super dope song and makes it even better. The Bearcats love the beat in this one and always have a good time listening to it in the locker room! 

Head Will Roll (A-trak remix) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

This is a great remix on a classic. Sick beat and puts the team in the right state of mind right before they hit the court.