Check out some of the songs UNH men's soccer warms up to before games!
Check out some of the songs UNH men's soccer warms up to before games!
Courtesy: America East Communications

#TuesdayTunes - New Hampshire Men's Soccer

Release: 09/24/2013

It's time for another week of #TuesdayTunes! This week we took a look at what New Hampshire men's soccer warms-up to before games. Here are five of their favorites:

Meant to Live by Switchfoot
Nobody saw this song coming when it was thrown on the playlist. As the team says "We've got this song on here because it pumps up our heart rates and gets our speedy jet-packs ready to go." This song is speaking to an audience that is not quite sure of their capabilities with almost a loss of confidence but the lyrics reassures us that we've got all we need right here and right now.

We Ready by Archie Eversole
This song lets our opponents know that we're ready to go to war and they better be ready to or it's going to be a rough night for them.

Wavin' Flag by K'Naan
This one is a necessity on a soccer warm up mix. This song was really popular during the 2010 World Cup and whenever you hear it, you think soccer. The song makes the team feel like they are getting ready for the biggest game of their life as well as making them feel like they are already lifting the championship cup in the air. 

Nuttin Nuh Go So by DJ Mummy

We couldn't find the actual mix on spotify so the YouTube link is above. Nobody on the team knows what this artist is saying in the song, but something about the song makes you want to scream or shout or maybe even dance. Whattheye do instead, is dance with the soccer ball, reminding them that we are out here to have fun just like they always did when they were younger. 

The XX - Intro
This song doesn't have any lyrics because it doesn't need any! The musical vibes given off calm any nerves that we might have and makes you just feel really happy. This a must have song on any warm up mix!