AE Championship Post Game Quotes: Quarterfinal Round Game - Binghamton vs. Boston U. 03/03/07

Release: 03/03/2007
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America East Men’s Basketball Tournament

March 3, 2007

Boston University-Binghamton post-game quotes


Head coach Dennis Wolff

Opening comments

“Obviously I am very proud of our team tonight. We overcame two different 12-point deficits and to keep plugging away at it against the team that was playing hard and well is a credit to what these kids have been about all year. They had a lot of resolve again tonight and we are thrilled to be able to play tomorrow.”


On holding on down the stretch

“I think we had a number of guys make big plays. Corey made a number of really tough shots. Defensively, we made it harder for them to score in the last five minutes than we had been for stretches during the game. These kids deserve a lot of credit.”


On the tough start to the game

“I think it was a combination of us being a little jittery and them playing very good defense. So I do not want to minimize it, because it is not all about one team or the other in those situations. They really got into us defensively. We wanted to play well and we got a little bit too much in a hurry. I feel good for these kids because they have not given up. They kept trying to win the games. I have liked these kids immensely all year. They have tried all year.”


Valdas Sirulis

On his game today

“I do not think I did anything different [today]. I just tried to help my team by doing the best I can do. I had some luck tonight and it worked out.”


Corey Lowe

On seeing more time in the second half

“At first when I came back in the first half I was kind of in a hurry to get back and catch up with everyone else and then Coach took me out after I took a horrendous shot. It settled me down and then I just let things come to me. It worked out.”

Binghamton Quotes:


Head Coach Al Walker:

“I thought it was a great game, I take my hat off to the BU group, I think we were plus nine when Carolos Strong hit that three from about 35 with one or two seconds on the shot clock. We made a decision not to guard (Brian) Macon during the course of the game and he nailed the next three and then #15 (Valdus Sirutis) nailed the next three and all the sudden our lead disappeared and it was just nip and tuck. I just thought it was a great college basketball game, I’m super proud of our team. I thought Boston U played a great game and I thought we played an outstanding game, and they won and we lost.”


“I thought Steve Proctor played his tail off today and carried us. I’m really really proud of our basketball team. A lot of teams would have folded quite a few weeks ago and we got better and better and better and these guys fought their tails off tonight and like I said, I’m very proud.”


“I really want to make a statement, we didn’t let this game slip away. We watch basketball games on TV all the time and Boston University stepped up and made that incredible three from 35 feet with two seconds on the shot clock and then Macon who is really not a prolific scorer stepped up and made a big play and then the freshmen stepped up and made a big play. We did not lose this game, Boston U won this game, I tip my hat to BU.”


Mike Gordan:

“It’s always tough when you pick up two fouls. They did a great jo keeping the pressure on me and it’s hard to defend with two fouls you don’t want to pick up that third one too early.”


“We didn’t hit the big shots and we didn’t make the big stops. BU hit the big sots.”


Steve Proctor:

“It was real tough this being my last game. You still want to win, it’s tough to be up and let it slip away, but things happen. They hit shots and we didn’t.”