Stony Brook and Binghamton Women, Boston U. Men Advance at Tennis Championship

Release: 04/25/2008
Courtesy: America East Communications

NEW HAVEN, Conn.. - The Boston University men, along with the Binghamton and Stony Brook women advanced to Day 2 of the 2008 America East Tennis Championship after winning opening round matches on Friday at the Yale Tennis Center. The men’s and women’s championships are team-match formatted with finals scheduled to be held on Sunday at 11 a.m. Both conference champions receive automatic bids to the NCAA Championships.

On the men's side, fourth-seeded Boston University upended fifth-seeded Hartford, 4-0, to advance to the semifinals. The Terriers will take on top-seeded Binghamton in one semifinal match on Saturday at 10 a.m. Third-seeded Stony Brook will face second-seeded UMBC, the defending champion, in the other semifinal at 10 a.m. View full results and schedule below.

On the women's side, third-seeded Binghamton knocked off sixth-seeded Hartford, 4-0, to advance. The Bearcats will face second-seeded UMBC on Saturday at 1 p.m. in one semifinal. Fourth-seeded Stony Brook defeated fifth-seeded Albany, 4-0, to move on to the semis. The Seawolves will face top-seeded Boston University, the winners of the last 14 league titles, at 1 p.m. View full results and schedule below.

The America East Tennis Championship utilizes a format of three doubles matches and six singles matches. Doubles matches are played first using eight-game pro sets with a 12-point tie-break at eight games all. The team winning two or more of the doubles matches receives one point in the team scoring. The doubles matches are followed by the singles matches using a best two-of-three sets format. Each singles match is worth one point. A minimum of four points is required to win the team match.

America East Men’s Tennis Championship
April 25-27, Yale Tennis Center-- New Haven, Conn.

Friday, April 25
Match 1 - Opening Round - #4 Boston University 4, #5 Hartford 0
1. Giulio Galloratti (Boston University) led William White (Hartford), 6-0, 2-1 (DNF)
2. Jeff Chudacoff (Boston University) d. Filip Miletic (Hartford), 6-0, 6-0
3. Charles Weinstein (Boston University) led Tim Glickman (Hartford), 6-1, 2-0 (DNF)
4. Miron Nissim (Boston University) d. Aaron Kooden (Hartford), 6-0, 6-0
5. Hans Sapra (Boston University) led Emmett Drake (Hartford), 6-1, 3-0 (DNF)
6. Tim Sichler (Boston University) d. Mark Goldfinger (Hartford), 6-1, 6-1

1. Chudacoff/Weinstein d. White/Glickman, 8-2
2. Galloratti/Phil Demeo d. Kooden/Drake, 8-1
3. Nippum/Daniel Frid d. Miletic/Goldfinger, 8-1

Saturday, April 26
Match 2 -- #4 Boston University vs. #1 Binghamton, 10 a.m.
Match 3 -- #2 UMBC vs. #3 Stony Brook, 10 a.m.
Match 4 -- Loser of Match 2 vs. Loser Match 3, 3 p.m.

Sunday, April 27
Match 5 -- Winner of Match 2 vs. Winner of Match 3 (Championship), 11 a.m.*

America East Women’s Tennis Championship
April 25-27, Yale Tennis Center-- New Haven, Conn.

Friday, April 25
Match 1 -- Opening Round #4 Stony Brook 4, #5 Albany 0
1. Aimee Kern (Albandy) tied Paola Rodolfi (Stony Brook) 6-3, 4-6 (DNF)
2. Claudia Sanua (Stony Brook) d. Susan Ma 6-1, 6-2
3. Kim Weltman (Albany) led Sandy Wijeratne (Stony Brook) 0-6, 6-2, 0-2 (DNF)
4. Fanny Charliquart (Stony Brook) led Charlotte Tatler 6-5, 5-5 (DNF)
5. Erica Federgreen (Stony Brook) d. Laine Mackey 6-4, 6-4
6. Victoria Vovsha (Stony Brook) d. Amanda Hall (Albany) 6-3, 7-5

1. Siinua/Federgreen d. Kern/Ma 8-4
2. Rifaldi/Wijeratne d. Mackey/Hall 8-2
3. Weltman/Tatler d. Charliquart/Vovsha 8-4

Match 2 -- Opening Round #3 Binghamton 4, #6 Hartford 0
1. Anna Edelman (Binghamton) led Raquel Casino (Hartford) 6-1, 3-0 (DNF)
2. Lauren Bates (Binghamton) led Kasey Michels 6-0, 5-0 (DNF)
3. Yulia Smirnova (Binghamton) d. Nicole Haynal (Hartford) 6-0, 6-0
4. Danyelle Shapiro (Binghamton) d. Hali Dorfman (Hartford) 6-0, 6-0
5. Erica Rosenblum (Binghamton) d. Jessica Ruggles (Hartford) 6-0, 6-0
6. Gayathri Balasundar (Binghamton) led Michelle Tarfur (Hartford) 6-2, 4-0 (DNF)

1. Edelman/Bates d. Casino/Michels 8-0
2. Rosenblum/Balasundar d. Haynal/Dorfman 8-0
3. Shapiro/Smirnova d. Ruggles/Tafur 8-0

Saturday, April 26
Match 3 -- Albany vs. Hartford 1 p.m.
Match 4 -- Stony Brook vs. #1 Boston U., 1 p.m.
Match 5 -- Binghamton vs. #2 UMBC, 1 p.m.

Sunday, April 27
Match 6 -- Winner of Match 4 vs. Winner of Match 5 (Championship), 11 a.m.*

DNF - Did not finish
*Championship match times are subject to change by the games committee if there is a team that has a dual coach.
**In the event of inclement weather, match times will be adjusted as needed.
*** log on for schedule/ventue changes